When design and technology become the perfect book.

Earlier this year, CREATIKS were given the opportunity to be part of a new roll out for Newcastle City Library. The entire roll out was a custom project to suit the interior design and layout of the newly refurbished library.

Newcastle City Council had very thoughtfully chosen a range of styles, colours and furniture to complete the Library transformation. CREATIKS gathered all colours palettes, furniture specifications and library blue prints to ensure the technology was seamlessly incorporated into the new layout and so that all equipment will be embraced by the public.

The Style: Clean lines, Modern

All mounted touch-screens come with a 10-point touch, clean crisp edge-to-edge glass and flush bracketing to ensure all screens mounted perfectly into the end of each library shelving unit. Cabling was perfectly concealed within the variety of mounted touch screens and interactive touch tables. Furniture was also considered when designing our interactive touch tables for Newcastle Library as we wanted to ensure all chairs would be placed comfortably within the tables when occupied and vacant.

The Colours: Warm, Timber, Natural

CREATIKS created all the Interactive Touch Tables within the library using a Laminex timber finish that was very nicely incorporated into the rest of new library furniture, creating a seamless look throughout the entire library. With the unique design of interactive touch tables for Newcastle City Library we were given the opportunity to create matching tables using the same Laminex finish which was a perfect addition of furniture to the library.

It goes without saying that Newcastle City Council did a fantastic job at transforming the Library and CREATIKS were very proud to share this experience and look forward to watching the technology space be embraced by the community.

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