Just visiting - Honeywell's new Visitor Management Solution.

Honeywell selected CREATIKS hardware and Australia’s leading health and safety application platform - TIKS, as their Visitor Management solution.

The solution now allows contractors, visitors and staff to sign-in, self induct and print verification badges with the ease of a touch screen or mobile device.

Documenting the arrival of guests names, times and who they are visiting is not only a sign of a well organised company, it has been a long time requirement under the Work Health and Safety Act. Considering the act also says that employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of all site visitors in an emergency, its easy to imagine why keeping track of all visitors is critical.

The Act also provides that visitors have a clear responsibility to observe the safety regulations of the workplace and to conduct themselves in a manner that ensures the safety of themselves and all others in the workplace.

It requires that visitors are advised of the organisation’s expectations regarding safety and be made aware of any potential hazards before they enter the premises. Many organisations will also want to make the visitor aware of certain company rules and regulations that may be important to their particular work site.

For an organisation to comply with these requirements it is critical that two distinct procedures are adopted in regard to visitors in the workplace: –

The organisation must have a system in place that adequately advises visitors of all safety regulations, workplace hazards and specific regulations prior to their entry into the workplace.

The visitor must be clearly identified by displaying a Visitor ID pass prominently on their outer clothing. This will enable workers to be aware of their presence in the workplace and, importantly, will assist in the visitor’s safe evacuation from the site in the event of an emergency.

For more information on how to implement a fully complaint and customer branded visitor management system check out www.tiks.com.au or call us today.

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