Great News! - Fairfax Media’s new Visitor Management Solution.

Fairfax Media selected CREATIKS hardware and Australia’s leading health and safety application platform - TIKS, as their Visitor Management solution.

The solution now allows contractors, visitors and staff to sign-in, self induct and print verification badges with the ease of our reception mounted tablet solution. Fairfax Media’s main focus for this solution was to capture and retain information of contractors, provide them with readily available permits and work orders while also notifying Management when a visitor comes on site, staff sign on and visitor inductions.

News that matters.

Documenting the arrival of guests names, times and who they are visiting is not only a sign of a well organised company, it has been a long time requirement under the Work Health and Safety Act. Considering the act also says that employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of all site visitors in an emergency, its easy to imagine why keeping track of all visitors is critical.

Visitor are clearly identified by displaying a Visitor ID pass prominently on their outer clothing. This will enable workers to be aware of their presence in the workplace and, importantly, will assist in the visitor’s safe evacuation from the site in the event of an emergency.

CREATIKS Hardware sourced and supplied Fairfax Media with specific printer hardware to suit the requirements of currently used identification lanyards. Thermal badge sizes come in many forms and sizes, our requirements were to keep with the thermal self adhesive badges whilst keeping to the specified size of the currently used lanyards.

The reason for CREATIKS to ensure the outcome of this specific hardware is that Fairfax Media’s multi tenancy building has several different companies situated within the building, Where Fairfax visitors and staff are identified by using the lanyards with the printed badges inside. The remaining visitors and staff that are visiting or working at the other existing tenants are identified by the self adhesive badges that are printed out and stuck onto the exterior of their clothing.

CREATIKS Hardware use the brother 810W printer with their tablet mounted solution, having a lot of great benefits, this printer is the choice of hardware in most cases. Given this change in requirement, we were required to source another option as the Brother printer does not support many badge sizes.

Following the required badge size measurements we were given, CREATIKS decided to use a Citizen direct thermal printer. These extremely sturdy printers are used in our 19” visitor kiosks, they are extremely reliable and support many different paper sizes which is what we required. Given that the printer inside our 19” kiosk are a semi industrial looking printer, we opted for the desktop version keeping with the elegant look in Fairfax Media’s foyer

For more information on how to implement a fully complaint and customer branded visitor management system check out or call us today


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