Access Controlled!

SCHÜTZ selected CREATIKS hardware and Australia’s leading health and safety application platform - TIKS Safety, as their Visitor Management solution.

The solution allows SCHÜTZ to pre-qualify their contractors prior to site arrival as well as allow visitors and staff to sign-in, self induct and print verification badges with the ease of a touch screen kiosk or VMS stand. SCHÜTZ also had a requirement for access control, meaning the use of Licence Plate Recognition scanners (LPR) to scan trucks gaining access and exiting the site.

Access control using LPR technology was a first for CREATIKS Hardware and TIKS Safety. After diving into the project TIKS had to develop a solution where the AOpenLPR software would integrate with the TIKS platform. The Hardware behind the solution was sourced by CREATIKS who worked very closely with TIKS’ software team testing the device to ensure it delivered a seamless solution.

How it works.

With the use of our Kiosk and VMS software, access for truck drivers have to come on site and sign in on our Visitor Management Device to gain access and self induct. After being on site and carrying out their work, the LPR cameras read the number plates of the trucks which will automatically sign the contractor out and open the security gates to exit.

SCHÜTZ now have two amazing products from CREATIKS Hardware and TIKS Safety where not only do they know what visitor or contractor is on site at any given time, but also added security with access control from vehicles entering and exiting their site at any given time.

For more information on how to implement a fully complaint and customer branded visitor management system check out or call us today

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